Aggressive Negativity

by Disabler

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released August 26, 2014

Written and recorded by Disabler
Mixed and Mastered by Graham Smith
Cover Art by Pieter Besselink



all rights reserved


Disabler Edmonton, Alberta

Disabler is a dark hardcore band started in 2013 from Edmonton, AB. Heavy and discomforting. In July 2014 GBS Records released the Disabler/ Karate Kids split and we toured Canada in support of it. In August 2014 we released the Aggressive Negativity E.P. through the BHMC! ... more

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Track Name: Bitter & Resentful
Getting old
Fat on privilege
celebrate what could have been

the girl you think you could have had
weekend warrior punk rock bands
wall of posters kept to show
it was better years ago
first world travel stories
anecdotes from college parties
a caricature
of bad t.v.

Bitter and resentful of friends who've passed you by

Shut up, this was never yours
crawl back to the bar
let nature run its course

losses pile up
because you didn't fucking try
took the easy route
mortgage job and a wife
your dreams they lack
momentum to escape your head
comfort and security
make all your choices instead
Track Name: Tamas
Prayers answered
winter came
no need to waste the day
it hides from me
Another cigarette
I don't deserve this breath
to keep singing off key
in between coughing fits
review the failed attempts
shallow cuts, low doses
that for the back pages
of a story I'm tired of telling
Chase the past through these halls
sweating through my clothes
in this stagnant north end home
no love to hold
return what I've been loaned
restless blood and anxious bones
swallowed by the fold
no longer alone
let it all fade away
Track Name: Your Opening Act...
Do men rape women, hunt game, clear cut forests, and vivisect, neurotically trying to touch something so beautiful so free so unlike them?
Or are they cowards who would sacrifice another for a moment of control?
I'm not trying to justify it but i feel the need to explain to my friend, who's heading for the exit, terrified and crying, why she should have to suffer while her fucking attacker gets to walk around, confident, safe within our scene.
She keeps quiet for fear of the guilt and shame we come here to escape. It's our tight lips that make this culture common place, if we can't protect our friends it's no community. just windmills, spin kicks, swollen fists, typical macho bullshit, I'll stay at home with those too afraid to come.
Track Name: Leary's Still Dangerous
I swear on the transcript of this public show trial
to enrage the passive, embolden the docile
no media blackout or library's ashes
will obscure the vision that we have been granted
by heretics, radicals, futants, and mystics
who taught us to question
and wrought the consequence
lives spent in prison or tied to a stake
the ones who would save us keep disappearing

But left hidden
in art, myth, and verse
instruction to undermine power
Failed to relive the thought in our minds
Escape this world so we can survive

Jackboots and truncheons rallied to suppress
Any idea that contradicts
herd safety
fragile order